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June 2, 2015


Hello my bronzing beauties!  My name is Suzanne Minskey, and I am the owner of Mobile Sunless Tans of VA.  As my first post on this new blog dedicated to everything spray tanning and skin care, I wanted to introduce myself to you so you can get a good idea of just who it is that's going to be seeing you pretty much naked during your spray tanning session.  More on that below.


With that being said, here's a bit more about me, my background in skin and tanning, and a few facts to get you ready for your luxurious bronzing experience!


Q. How Long Have I Been Spray Tanning People?


A. I've been spray tanning men and women in the Northern Virginia area since 2009.  Soon after the birth of my youngest son, I wanted to expand my business for brides to include spray tanning.  I got very busy in 2011-2012 but took a step back from tanning for a bit in mid 2013 when I moved from Manassas to Woodbridge.  I've slowly been adding spray tanning back in for 2015 and plan on going full time with studio appointments and mobile appointments in July.


Q. Why Did I Get Started In Spray Tanning?


A. It really started as an extra service to offer brides, as so many of my wedding makeup clients were requesting it at bridal shows and in the studio.  I got very passionate about it in 2011 though after my husband was diagnosed with skin cancer in his 20s.  As a former esthetician proper skin care has always been something that I was very passionate about, and growing up in Florida as a fair skinned freckled Irishwoman I've been meticulous about sunscreen use.  Spray tanning and helping to promote awareness about the dangers of UV tanning in tanning beds has just become a natural extension of this.


Q. What Certifications Do I Have?


A. I got my National Tanning Training Institute Certification in 2009 when I started, although I am starting to offer more Norvell products and will be getting my certification through them soon.  I missed the opportunity to get my Master Certification earlier in May through Norvell, so I have to wait for another class in the area.




I am also a member of several professional spray tanning forums with specialists from around the globe- sharing information, techniques, product reviews, research, and more on a daily basis.  It's an amazing community I'm proud to be a part of, and every day I learn something new to expand my knowledge and give every guest I tan a truly exceptional experience.


Q. How Many Guests Have I Spray Tanned?


A.  In the six years since I started, I've spray tanned close to 300 beautiful bodies!  And every day that number grows as I meet new lovely men and women who trust their spray tans to my competent hands.


Q. Where Do I Travel To?


A. I travel anywhere in Prince William County for no additional charge to my mobile base pricing.  For those in Faquier or Stafford County, there is a $5 travel charge tacked on.  For tanners in Fairfax and Loudon Counties, there is a $10 travel charged added.  The travel charges are assesed as a per appointment fee, not per person, so if you're having me come out to tan you might as well have a friend or two come over to enjoy, too!  (Example:  Single Person Tanning Session in Stafford County: $50 base mobile price + $5 travel= $55 total.  Two Person Tanning session in Stafford County: $50 base mobile price per person + $5 travel= $105 total.)


Q. Am I Comfortable Seeing You Naked?


A. Spray tanning can be a very personal experience, with a lot of skin exposed it's normal to feel a little vulnerable.  Especially if it's your first experience with spray tanning.  I'm not exactly getting gyno-close with you, but I've seen my fair share of bare busts and backsides of all shapes and sizes.  Federal regulations require you to wear something to cover your genital area, but a thong is really all you need to have on.  Don't worry- I don't judge!  And I know exactly how to contour and cover every nook and cranny to give you the most natural looking tan that will make you look amazing au naturel!


Q. When I'm Not Spray Tanning People, What Do I Do?


A. I AM kind of a work a holic, so it's rare that I'm not doing SOMETHING in the beauty industry, but I have my moments.  Besides being a full time entreprenuer (I also do lash extensions, hair, makeup, and facials in my studio as well as hair and makeup professionally at weddings and photoshoots), I'm a full time mother to two rockstar little boys who I swear are going to rule the world some day if they can every stop annoying one another.  My husband and I love playing golf on quiet afternoons while our sons are in school, watching Sci-Fi shows, reading paranormal romance (yes, he's the one who introduced me to the genre), and playing any board game we can get our hands on.  Oh, and watching Marvel movies.  I own multiple encyclopedias on the Marvel Universe.  Basically, I'm a giant nerd. 


And that's about it on me.  I'd love to learn more about YOU at your tanning session, so be sure to book an appointment to come see me for your spray tanning session soon!  I'm looking forward to it already.


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