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Studio Appointments

By appointment only. Please schedule your appointments 48 hours in advance, although some last minute requests may be available.  

All tans include a thorough consultation, customized solution blend, disposables, barrier cream, and post spray drying powder for flawless results every time.


Classic Tan $50

Premium Rapid $75

Premium Dark Rapid $80

Deluxe Rapid $90

Bridal Tan $75


For descriptions of the different options, please click here.

Mobile Appointments

Available on locations within 15 miles of the studio address.  Must be scheduled no less than 48 hours in advance.


$100 initial person

$75 per additional person


Pricing includes Premium Rapid solutions or Bridal solution only.  For Premium Dark Rapid or Deluxe Rapid options, please schedule an In Studio session.

Bridal parties and student groups may qualify for additional discounts.

Contact us now

to schedule your mobile session.

Availability is limited and appointments book quickly!

All major credit cards accepted.  No personal checks.  All mobile appointments must be pre-paid at booking.

Upgrade Your Spray Tanning Experience With These Amazing Treatments!


Pre-Tan Treatments:


Norvell ExMitt Body Buffing Treatment-  Use our unique water-free buffing mitt to exfoliate and prime your body before your tanning session while at the studio.  Boosts amino acid levels on the skin surface to produce maximum color results, pH balancing skin primer minimizes the orange-look for a more natural color, hydrates skin for even and maximum absorption of self tanners, and advanced DHA odor encapsulation molecules ‘trap” and virtually eliminate common sunless odor.    Add $6 to your session total


California Tan 3-in-1 Prep Towlette-  Combines the power of a mild cleanser, exfoliator and buffer, revealing clean and fresh skin prepped for dark sunless color.  Green Tea acts as a powerful antioxidant to refresh the skin and reduce signs of aging.  Soothing Aloe Vera clams and hydrates the skin for positively radiant results.  Add $2 to your session total


California Tan 2 Step Prep Treatment-  After using the 3-in-1 towlette (see above), smooth on the Color Maximizer to prime your skin for faster, darker color.  Used in studio just before your sunless tanning session.  Add $5 to your session total.


A wide selection of pre-tan and post-tan care retail products is also available in the studio including body scrubs, extender lotions, shower gels, maintenance kits all specially formulated to provide optimal sunless tanning results.

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