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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between Classic and Rapid?

Classic solutions are worn for 8 hours and are not customizable by depth of color.  Your choices are light or medium depth.  Rapid solutions are worn for 2-6 hours and you control how dark you get.  Wear it for 2-3 hours for light color, 3-4 hours for medium color, and 4-6 hours for dark color.  My Rapid solutions are also boosted with skin care ingredients to hydrate the skin, so the color lasts longer and fades evenly.

What is the difference in the Rapid solutions? What should I book my appointment for?

When you schedule an appointment online, your choices will be for Classic, Rapid, or Bridal.  When you come into the studio, I will walk you through selecting the correct type of Rapid solution to meet your needs.  The final cost will be calculated at checkout based on the solution, upgrades, and any retail you purchase.

I'm a new customer. What should I book an appointment for?


Unless you are looking for a Classic tan, choose the New Customer option when scheduling online.  You will automatically be upgraded to the Premium Rapid tan during your session.  If you'd like to try one of the other Rapid options such as the Rapid Dark or Deluxe solution, you'll simply pay the difference in price.  Example:  Upgrade to Rapid Dark would be an additional $5, Upgrade to Deluxe Rapid would be an additional $15. 

I'm getting married.  Will this rub off on my dress?

Spray tanning dyes the dead skin cells on the surface of your body.  The cosmetic bronzer added to the spray tan solution is only on your skin until you shower.  Just like makeup, this bronzer can rub off on clothing, which is why it's recommended to wear loose dark clothes home afterwards until you shower.  Once you have showered, the bronzer is gone and will no longer transfer to your clothing.  However, to ensure additional protection, I use a proprietary blend of solution that is sweat proof even after showering so that you have an added layer of protection from transfer onto your white or light colored clothing during exercise or lots of dancing!  You can also purchase a jar of my Deluxe Drying Powder in Creamsicle scent to dust on your skin prior to slipping on your dress.  It will help to absorb moisture, prevent friction against your skin, and reduce rubbing of the dead skin cells onto the dress.  It's completely colorless!

When should I get a spray tan before my wedding?

It is best to do a trial run at least two weeks prior to your wedding day so that we can ensure the correct color development and depth. I recommend brides wear the Bridal solution for 3.5 hours the first time to see how much color they get and then adjust from there.  If you find that the color is too dark, wear for 2-2.5 hours next time.  For a darker result, leave it on another hour.  The tan for your actual wedding date should be done 48 hours before the wedding.  This is why Wednesdays and Thursdays are my busiest days of the week for tans!  

When should I get a spray tan before my vacation?

I recommend getting your tan done the day before you leave so it will be fresh and last the length of your vacation, although I have tanned people the same day before if the availability lines up.  Just make sure you have enough time to shower before you depart!  You don't want to risk over darkening if your travel is delayed, and you can't shower at the correct time.  The tan should last 7-10 days with proper care, and I do have extender products to get an extra 2-3 days out of it available for purchase.  Ask me about my Vacation Bundle with travel size products!

Will I turn orange?

Nope.  Never. Guaranteed.  The most common "issue" first time clients have is uneven fading or over darkening, but those can be easily resolved with proper pre and post care and adjusting the length of time before your shower the next time.  But in 12 years of tanning, I'm proud to say I've never had a single client complain they were orange.

How should I prepare for the tan?

Make sure to click here for my Pre and Post Care Guide!  Results are based on the 50/50 Rule.  50% is technician skill.  50% is client care!

How long with the tan last?

With proper care, most tans last 7-10 days.  You can purchase products to extend the life of the tan by 2-3 days in the studio.  (Classic tans and the Premium Dark Rapid tend to fade a little quicker and typically last about 5-7 days at their peak color before beginning to fade.)

Still got questions?  Send me an email!

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